MDHA is dedicated to educating both youth and adults in the outdoors. From our EDUCATION RAFFLE that generates funds specifically used for outdoor education. Our FORKHORN CAMP program not only provides a hands-on, in-depth training on Firearms, Bow Hunting and Advance Hunters Safety – but other necessary tools and training to make sure youth are safe and comfortable in the outdoors.
Our commitment to education in Minnesota doesn’t stop…

Education Raffle

MDHA Chapters sell tickets to raise funds earmarked for ONLY education! All proceeds are spent locally on chapter education needs! Want to Buy a ticket? Contact MDHA Office at 218-327-1103.

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Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation (R3)

Initiated by Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, this program helps you find all of the information and learn the skills for enjoying Minnesota’s outdoors. MDHA is dedicated to this program and getting everyone involved in the outdoors! Click HERE to learn more.

MDHA Forkhorn Camps

Weeklong day and overnight camps!
MDHA Collaborates with Environmental Learning Centers and YMCA to offer hands-on training for your future hunters and outdoors people. Three levels of Camp Training include Firearm Safety – Bow Hunter Safety – Advanced Hunter Safety for youth ages 11-17!

Forkhorn Camp FAQ

How does a child qualify for a scholarship to MDHA Forkhorn camp?

To qualify for an MDHA scholarship the child or an immediate family member (parent, grandparent or guardian) must be a current member of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association. Further requirement dependent on your local chapter. If you are not a member click HERE to sign up today. Membership does not guarantee a scholarship. If you are a MDHA member, CONTACT YOUR LOCAL CHAPTER for a scholarship application.

Q: How do I find out which chapter I belong to?

Your local chapter is located on the front of your membership card.  If you do not have your membership card, feel free to call the MDHA State Office at 800-450-3337.

Q: How do I become a member of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association?

To apply today click HERE,  or contact the state office at 218-327-1103 EXT: 20

Q: How do I choose the best camp for my child?

Based on your needs, a camp may better suit your child’s learning purposes. To learn more about camp offerings, please follow the link to each camp.

Forkhorn Brochure for More Information
Forkhorn Camp Application 2019
Forkhorn Registration Form

MDHA Forkhorn Camps:

Three Rivers Park District
Deep Portage Conservation Reserve, Hackensack, MN
Eagle Bluff Learning Center, Lanesboro, MN
Kiwanis Boy Scout Camp Northern Star 
Laurentian Environmental Center Britt, MN
Long Lake Conservation Center, Palisade, MN
Prairie Woods Environmental Center Spicer, MN
YMCA Camp Christmas Tree, Minnetrista, MN
YMCA Camp Streefland, Lakeville, MN
YMCA Camp Heritage Lino Lakes, MN

National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP)

MDHA along with a grant program through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources promotes NASP for Minnesota Schools and Youth! The program is an in-school teaching focus, discipline, self-control, patience and many other skills that will help promote successful classroom and personal life! Learn more about NASP HERE.

Large Mammal Curriculum

Designed by natural resources educators, the Large Mammal Curriculum is a great tool for all educators K-12 to teach youth about Minnesota’s Large Mammals! In addition to a full curriculum this comes with a variety of videos, survival gear and other educational pieces to make learning both fun and hands on! Are you an educator looking to order a Large Mammal Curriculum? Contact Leah. Need help with funding? Contact a Chapter in your area!

Exploring Whitetail Deer Guide

Designed by member Mike Wock, this is a great learning and teaching tool about Whitetail Deer. Read about Biology, Habitat, Habits, Growth and more!  Contact Dean.

Mentored Hunts

Committed to Educating those interested in getting out into the woods, MDHA Chapters and Volunteers have Mentored Hunting opportunities for many that don’t have someone to hunt with, or somewhere to hunt! Contact your local Chapter to inquire about these opportunities!

Hunting Clinics

Field Dressing, Butchering, Recipes and MORE.

Jamie Tennison Memorial Compass Fund

This program is dedicated to teaching the proper use of compasses, awareness and their very own compass during Firearm Safety classes leaving students ready to navigate the woods with a compass. While the story behind the formation of this fund is tragic, Jamie’s family is dedicated to helping educate so all hunters have the knowledge to navigate the woods. Contact your local chapter for more information.

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