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Geo-Pak Hunt Card - 1 Year

Geo-Pak Hunt Subscription Card - 1 Year
available: Instock

Hunt Safe. Hunt Smart. Hunt GEO-PAK.

Created by a hunter…for hunters!

Plan, track, and analyze your hunt with GEO-PAK Hunt. With augmented reality and
high-tech GPS collaboration, GEO-PAK HUNT offers real-time adventure for your
hunting group and makes your hunt safer by keeping family members at home updated
on your location. Get the app, invite your friends and enjoy the experience!


GEOTracker -Attach trackers to dogs, hunters, or equipment for real-time updates.
GEOFence – Mark your areas and be notified when close a boundary.
GEOCams – Import pics from online and offline trail cams.
GEOAugmented - View a group member’s position, speed, and direction, and check
the distance of your pins. All in real-time. All from your phone.
GEOGrid – Hunt smart by plotting group members position offline before the hunt.
GEONature – Weather, sun and moon data and wind direction presented live or get a
forecast based on location.
GEOPin – Mark and describe your treestands, blinds, mineral licks, and other points of
interest with icons, pics, and direction.
GEOAlarm – Hunt safe by activating alarms when crossing a set border or getting too
close to a member of your group. Set GEOAlarms to notify you of daily shooting times.
GEOJournals – Record observations with pics on the fly while scouting and in realtime
during the hunt. Share journals with your group pre and post hunt.
GEOMap – Place pins, journals, and photos directly into a multi-layered map that can
be used for scouting and hunting in real-time.
GEOFence – Mark areas as your GEOfence and link to GEOAlarms to be notified once
you’re close to a border.


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